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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  March 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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safety workers scheduled disputes someone just took a census for stink bugs. trillions upon trillions will bother us. wait until you take the issue to the farm. well, all new at 6:00. a homicide major is suspended after failing to report an incident with his car yesterday. the police officers tell us that the major didn't file a report after his car went off of the road on 95 near columbia. he's under routine suspension while the police are investigating this. well, he was schooled at mt. st. joes and went to catonsville. who knew this 57-year-old george marshall would be the one who would die trying to protect his own property. he was trying to stop a man robbing his warehouse. he was run over and killed. the police have made an arrest
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and as we are told, this tops off a growing crime here in baltimore. >> reporter: this 57-year-old and his brother built their business for three decades. in a matter of moments, this man destroyed it. saturday, this man tried to make off in a box truck. george heard the commotion and tried to stop him. >> i don't think he was doing more than yelling at the truck. that's what i heard. when the truck saw him, he run him over and drug jack, his brother. he's going to recover, but george died. he's charged with murder and assault. it's the latter where he has experience. he's showing a large arrest sheet for burglary and theft. his latest arrest is a tragic example of a problem in baltimore city.
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the problems are up 57% from last year. this is leading the police to change up patrols. >> they're business owners trying to make a living. we want to make sure that the officers are there and able to address the concerns. >> the police ordered an increase in the business checks. getting the officers to build relationships with the business owners in their posts. we can get police officers out of cars and interact with the community. also, we're hearing about safety in the community. >> reporter: in the most recent case, this crime cost a life and a life's work. in baltimore, abc2 news. >> he's held without bail now. new tonight, two missing girls in baltimore are back with their families.
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we're told that officers arrested a 21-year-old man. his name isn't passed to us yet. keep watching for updates on this story. the state police have two women under arrest for stealing credit cards from women's purses. they went restroom to rest stop along i-95. these two were both picked up at their homes a few days ago. the police found fur coats, jewelry, shoes and a paper trail of stolen credit cards. this isn't over. the police may make more arrests. they would spot the elderly women before stepping into restrooms. others would work the area and see the victim coming in. they would direct them into a specific stall they knew they would be able to work. >> now, the police say that the pair and the two accomplices
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would work the rest stops for more than two years. their victims may count in the hundreds. well, a fight over union rights is making national headlines. tonight, it's hitting close to home. the anne arundel county council will vote on an issue that could significantly impact police officers and firefighters. our cheryl conner is following the issues. she's live outside of the council chambers. >> reporter: yeah, they're loud and being heard here tonight as well. the police officers and the firefighters have gathered in front of the arundel center. you can hear them, they're chanting "kill the bill." they're referring to a bill that will fight for binding arbitration. right now, an arbitrator mediates, but a bill will give the county a final say.
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the sop president from anne arundel county is following this closely. we chatted a few weeks ago and the meeting ended with us talking about the amendments introduced. tell us, have you learned more about the amendments? >> there's been a lot of discussions about the amendments, any coming out tonight will come out on the floor. we won't have any say in whether we approve or disaprove. >> reporter: you don't know what they are at all? >> there's a belief they're trying to make this bill more legal. right now, it's completely unconstitutional and in violation of the heart. -- charter. as far as the specific amendments, they're talking about removing the poison pill and increasing the budget and binding the executives. >> reporter: we're also talking
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about words that could be unanimous votes. quickly, what are you hearing about that. >> one of the members came out and he predicts 70. that means all of the democrats and republicans would be voting against the public safety and we're concerned about that. >> reporter: thank you, we'll see you at 7:00. the public hearing starts at 7:00. we're expected to see a number of the members go inside and talk in front of the council we'll bring you the latest at 11:00. and all of the people behind cheryl will have to go to the gas station between now and the end of the week. wait until they see the prices. they've gone up again. it's fair to say, we want them to stop climbing. they've gone up 33 cents in the last two weeks. kelly swoope has more. this is outrageous.
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>> reporter: no, jamie, it's beyond outrageous. it seems like the prices go up every day and every night. they're up 75 cents from where they were last year. experts say this is the second biggest price increase on record. that doesn't make us feel better, but it's because of the turmoil in the oil rich libya. if you ever wonder how something around the world can impact here, this is how it is. you feel it every time you fill up at the pump. if you come to the website at go to the traffic section. click under traffic under gas price. we've teamed up with gas buddy. we have prices from sam's club at 3:30 a gallon and more. $3.30 for regular. we have all of the prices for
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you here at hopefully it will help you make a little bit of. a difference. we'll send it over to weather now. all right, we had the rain coming down yesterday. not the case today. lots of sunshine today. we're going to see another round into wednesday. as we look at the most powerful radar, we have a clean sweep on. we're so quiet now. we're looking at the satellite and radar. that brings the clouds in here. you can see the gray moving in here as we go into the rest of the evening and overnight. we'll call it clear and partly cloudy skies. not bad. the temperatures are dropping off though. the temperature at 46 degrees in the inner harbor and annapolis. back to you. is it the gas pump or cleg
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degree -- college degrees? some are talk about giving high school graduates a break. there's a measure that would give instate tuition rates for anyone who graduated from a maryland high school. that means that graduates in here illegally could get the discounted rate. it's a hot topic for a while now. several viewers voiced their opinions. michelle said, they don't deserve the same luck race if they're undocumented -- same luck race if they -- luxuries if they are undocumented. >> keep letting us have it. dining for dogs! this is a great idea. could our state be the next to
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allow you to bring your dog to the restaurant! if you think it was a bad last summer, wait, stink bugs are ready to ware us out. we'll take you to the farm where they're worried about this. well, we should be at say degrees now. today-- at 51 degrees. we forecasted 48 degrees. we have a winner. we'll have your seven-day forecast and all of that. stick around, that's coming up. could get two things4 and one for $2. or five thfor $2. or one for $6 and two for $2. [ male announcer ] with denny's 2-4-6-8 value menu, we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] denny's.
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no more dog tags the dog tags are here!
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we have the table for two, a highchair andfido. well, this could happen to the dog table. the maryland house committee will take up the discussion. restaurant owners say it could be a win/win all the way around. you couldn't just walk up and have a dog in the dining room. you could possibly bring your pet to a place with out door seating. that shall would make it possible for some to go out more and spend more money. >> they need campaign onship -- companionship and opportunities to play and they need you. if they were restaurants that allowed dogs and bars, they would say, i don't go to bars, but if there was a bar that allowed dogs, i would bring my dogs with me. i would do that. i think it's a great idea! >> now, there are folk that is
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don't like the idea. not everyone likes dogs, for one thing. dogs outside could discuss courageous -- discourage some. also, some dogs are nasty. the debate starts tomorrow. no one's signed up to speak against it. >> what do you think? should man's best friend be allowed to join their owners? what restrictions should be in place if this is aloud. leave your comments at also, we had a couple -- well, several wrote in and said no! no! >> we'll share with you later. they'll sneak up the back of your chair. they'll slither down your kitchen wall and drop on to your lap! the opening day of the stink
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bug is happening. we're going to a farm and we'll learn about how bad this invasion could be. >> large yellow tomatoes are coming up. >> reporter: she was showing us some tomatoes. back then, her best crops were tobacco and corn. now, she's afraid the worst crop could be stink bugs. >> they think it was the weather. the bugs weren't in the u.s. until the late 90s when they came over on a cargo ship. they're not from here, that's why they have no natural predators. they have the run of the house and crops. >> they'll attack fruits, vegetables and ornamentals and trees and shrubs. there's hardly anything they won't attack.
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>> she had most of her crop destroyed last year. the pests hang out in packs. >> they're talking about this year, we could see if these come out in biblical proportions like a plague. we're all on pins and needles waiting for them. they can't be like a normal bug. no, they don't die in the winter. >> reporter: they're not normal. >> you spray them, they'll fall over, they'll look dead and they'll be like that for up todays. then, they'll turn around and go on. >> reporter: she's worried about the peaches this spring. scientists say they're in well over 30 states and she wishes maryland wasn't one of them. and scientists are working with a wasp from asia.
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they want to be careful about introducing a new species over here. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. the temperatures are falling now. we're at hah 44-degree -- we're at 44 degrees. the winds have gone up a little bit. the barometer's rising. check out the weather bug site here. look at the blue sky. i hope you enjoyed it. it was breezy today. you could see the trees blowing in the wind. if you went out for a long walk, hopefully you had the coat and you were bundled up. maryland's most powerful radar, we have that in here. it's out of here. it's a gorgeous day and a dry day. things will change as we go into wednesday.
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in the meantime, temperatures for a high in culpeper came in around 52 degrees. we were below average. tomorrow, we should be a little bit more seasonable. the current winds are dying down a little bit. we're still breezy, nontheless. we have an 8 miles per hour sustained wind now. that's also into oakland. charlottesville is coming in at 12 miles per hour. as we go into tomorrow in terms of temperatures, we'll be around 50 degrees in parkton. the inner harbor is around 52 degrees. ample sunshine today, tomorrow, we'll get clouds. we'll call it partly cloudy. now, the satellite and radar is picking up on what i'm showing you. the clouds will push in here as early as tonight. i'll call it partly cloudy to mostly clear skies as we go into the evening. right now, things are looking good. we have storm system across the
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nation and it will be here wednesday. in the meantime, high pressure is in control of the weather. that will continue into the overnight and then, by tomorrow, things will be improved. the future forecaster, we're looking at the clouds starting to move in here as we go into tuesday. that's why, partly cloudy and sunshine as well. we'll deal with the rain wednesday evening. maybe in time for rush hour, we could see rain in here. that's possible. as we go into the overnight, it's colder. the temperature is come anything around 26 degrees and still breezy outside. by tomorrow, the temperature will be around 52 degrees with the sun/cloud mix. we'll take that. and 32 degrees by overnight tomorrow night. partly cloudy and chilly and normal. we can't have any complaints and i know that jamie won't complain. he'll like the forecast i have for him. the only caveat comes on thursday.
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we'll have a thunderstorm or two in the forecast. >> well, it was a nice day today. thank you. hey, this day, savings at 6:00 is focusing on an app a day. today, we're showing you woot. you may have heard of it. it's a website that showcases a website with discounts. you can have the traditional woot and kid's woot. they have something geared for children there. that's the wii. also, there's a section for wine and t-shirts. you can find some real creative ones. we want to thank sonya for telling us about this one. if you have a great app, leave a tip at
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great site, i've been there. i'm kelly swoope with a look at what's coming up. it's a battle that waged at the highest level. it's childhood obesity. you've seen michelle obama trying to help. tonight, we'll tell you how your dr. can help you from protecting your child. which is a better, five dollar foot long and a big mac. we'll tell you who's on top. also, we'll have the forecast coming up at 11:00. all right, let's take a look at the drive home tonight on the beltway and providence road. it's slow going. make it safe going home. we'll be back.
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all right, so, it's absolutely gorgeous today. tomorrow, we'll have more clouds moving in. wednesday, we'll have a chance of showers to move in by the afternoon. thursday, we'll have a rumble of thunder and heavy down poors like we saw yesterday and things will improve next week and into the weekend. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00. world news is next on abc.
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have a great rest of your night. >> that's good. [ female announcer ] think it takes hours
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